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Two-Step Application Process

All Residential Projects and Nonresidential Projects ≤ 10 KW 

The SGIP releases new forms as needed, and required forms vary by Program Administrator. For more information regarding required documents, please review the SGIP Handbook.

The SGIP application process is managed by an Applicant, an entity assigned by the Host Customer to submit documents on their behalf through the SGIP application portal. The Applicant is usually the contractor or developer for the project. Only the Applicant can access the application in the portal.

All projects must be assigned to an approved SGIP Developer (usually the contractor) in order to submit a reservation request. Information on becoming an approved developer can be found at

All nonresidential projects greater than 10 kW apply for the Self-Generation Incentive Project via the three-step process.

Step 1

Reservation Request


Program Administrator

Submit Reservation Request Form (RRF) and accompanying documentation

Required documents may vary based on budget category, system size and technology type.


Project is assigned funding


Reviews Reservation Request Form (RRF)

The Program Administrator reviews your application and supporting documentation. You may receive notice for missing information or clarification during this process.


Confirmed Reservation Letter Issued

Step 2

Incentive Claim


Program Administrator

Submit Incentive Claim Form (ICF) and accompanying documentation

Incentive Claim Form (ICF) documents located in application documents and forms section of document library.


Reviews Incentive Claim Form (ICF) documents


Schedules site inspection (if applicable)

An inspection is required for most projects.


Project approved


Incentive payment process begins


Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) process begins (non-residential projects only)

Only non-residential projects are subject to Performance-Based Incentive (PBI).

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For more information about the project or the application process, contact the project team at