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Get Started on Your Project

woman measuring levels on wind turbines

The right incentivized technology for you depends on your unique load profile and energy objectives.

To get started with a project, contact a project developer or electrical contractor to help select the best technology best for your project, navigate the application process and work with program administrator to apply for the appropriate budget category.

SGIP Project Timeline

Follow the Project Roadmap to a Successful Incentivized Project

Step 1
Decide if a technology would benefit your household or business
Step 2
Determine if you qualify for an SGIP budget category
Step 3
Find an installer
Step 4
Submit initial application documents
Step 5
Equipment installation takes place
Step 6
Submit final application documents
Step 7
Project site inspection (if applicable)
Step 8
Incentive payment issued upon application approval.

SGIP Project Roles

Host Customer

Homeowner or business owner who has legal rights to occupy the site and is the SDG&E account holder.

System Owner

The owner of the SGIP system at the time the incentive is paid.


Manages a substantial amount of the project’s development activities.


Responsible for submitting SGIP application and supporting documentation.


CSLB Licensed entity that installs the technology via contractual agreement.

SGIP Program Administrator

Facilitates SGIP within a specific utility territory.

control room

Qualifying Technologies

While SGIP primarily focuses on battery energy storage installations, many other “behind-the-meter” renewable technologies qualify for incentives and can benefit your home or business.

  • Energy storage
  • Fuel cells
  • Gas & biogas turbines & engines
  • Pressure reduction turbines
  • Microturbines
  • Waste heat to power
  • Wind turbines
  • Combined heat & power

For more information, visit SGIP Incentivized Technologies.