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PSPS Wildfire and Event Lookup Tool

You can determine if you are in an area that has been affected by a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or wildfire event by entering your SDG&E electric meter number into the search bar below. Be sure to enter your electric meter number exactly as it appears on your SDG&E utility bill. You can find your electric meter number on your SDG&E utility bill or through your online statement under the "Detail of Current Charges". See example here.

PSPS Events: 0 Wildfire Events: 0
No PSPS or Wildfire events were found for the Electric Meter Number value entered. Your Electric Meter Number should be 7 digits and can be found on your SDG&E billing statement. If your electric meter shows on your bill as 8 digits with a preceding zero, please only enter the 7 digits after the zero in the field below.